Child Custody Disputes - Concord, New Hampshire

Whether you are involved in a custody dispute as a parent, a grand parent or in some other facet, Elizabeth B. Olcott understands that the situation is filled with emotions and sensitive circumstances that require great care. She will listen carefully to her client's position and work diligent to ensure that all is being done possible to get the best result possible. Although she will pursue the case with an appropriate amount of confident presence she is aware that a light touch must come into play when necessary under the circumstances.

Dealing with issues of custody can be a complicated process filled with many turns and speed bumps throughout the court system. It is understood that you need an individual to represent you that can handle the hurdles with grace affording you the confidence in your representation to manage the emotions throughout the process. Elizabeth B. Olcott will take full advantage of any laws available in your favor to ensure the right outcome for you. Taking the time to obtain the details of the case and understanding the perspective of each client is how she can obtain a full picture of the situation.

Always at Your Side

Whether your case is taken into the courtroom or you are able to settle it outside of the courtroom setting, Attorney Olcott will work diligently to find resolutions that will work to everyone's advantage giving you the greatest chance at settling the issues as quickly as possible. If, however, the case does end up in a courtroom you can be sure that she will be a formidable adversary for opposing counsel and will press for a process that protects your rights and aims for an appropriate outcome.

It is important when dealing with custody disputes that you have someone who can see the situation from a distance and evaluate the true circumstances surrounding your case. You may be surprised by the details that Elizabeth B. Oclott can reveal in your case that might have been overlooked by your emotions. She will use all the details she learns to build a case that brings you the greatest results attainable.

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