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At times there is no way to avoid the Law Library. Books are the essential tools of the trade, and research within the confines of the Law Library walls is unavoidable particularly before finalizing any court document. However, another essential avenue for law, resources, and ideas for the resolution of any particular legal problem can start on the Internet. I urge clients to get advice, but I also urge them to be knowledgeable. The following sites are helpful to find out about the law and your rights and responsibilities. These sites are not meant to be a replacement for legal advice, but I below I have provided some sites where you can learn more about the law and you can gain access to information and resources.

New Hampshire Statutes On-Line

Rules of New Hampshire State Agencies

New Hampshire Court rules

The State of New Hampshire Judicial Branch

New Hampshire Official Home Page

Department of Labor, North East Regional Office

New Hampshire Bar Association

Code of Federal Regulations:


First Circuit Opinions

Cornell Law School

Job Accommodation Network

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEOC Federal Sector Appellate Decisions

Child Support Calculation: New Hampshire

The Army National Guard

The VA Stop Service Inquiry Page

Other good and useful pages



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