Military Law - Concord, New Hampshire

One area of law that is clearly vital given the current circumstances of our military personnel is Military Law. The details that surround cases for military personnel who are active-duty personnel, former military personnel that hold a veteran status and military reservists need to be handled in a careful and considerate matter by someone who has the best interest of the client in mind and that understands the workings of such a complex component.

Elizabeth B. Olcott is available to help with the many facets of military duty combined with civilian responsibilities including re-employment rights for those military personnel that are on reserve and called to active duty. She is able to take a stand for her clients relating to military law cases that including court martial proceedings falling within the Uniform Code of Military Justice as well as the many instances that come up for individuals enlisted in the military having to deal with combining the civilian life and their duties as a soldier.

Comprehending the Complexities

Understanding the difficult situation the military personnel are put in regarding family and having a life both here and in active duty is something that Elizabeth B. Olcott strives to excel at in an effort to represent her client to the best of her ability. It is important when dealing with military personnel that the standing of the United States military be kept in mind while protecting the rights of the soldier being represented. Dealing with a soldier's legal issues while they are deployed can be complicated and take a great deal of logistical planning, all of which Attorney Olcott manages with grace under fire.

It is important that you are comfortable with your representation when you are potentially thousands of miles away on active duty and that you believe your rights are being protected to the highest caliber. Elizabeth B. Olcott prides herself on taking the concerns of her clients into consideration when she is working on a case. She will do her best within the law to protect your rights and get you the best results possible under your particular circumstances.

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